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Environmentally conscious and regionally focused, Adirondack Diversity Solutions is dedicated to empowering local businesses and nonprofits with the tools and guidance needed to diversify their workforce and client base while too improving organizational climate and processes.    


While our mission guides our purpose, our values guide our actions and approach.  It is important to us that our clients know the foundation we have laid-forth as we help navigate them through sensitive changes and conversations. 

Integrity & Inclusion

Adirondack Diversity Solutions, at all times, will engage clients, partners, and community members with the highest levels of respect, and will seek ways to include and engage all participants.   

Informed & Innovative

Adirondack Diversity Solutions is dedicated to advancing emerging innovations and initiatives that offer new ways of engaging organizational challenges.  

Regional Commitment

Adirondack Diversity Solutions is dedicated to assisting the Adirondack region thrive socially and economically through initiatives that introduce and encourage individuals from all backgrounds to call the Park “home.”   

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