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Meet the Experts

Dr. Donathan L. Brown

CEO & Co-Founder

Dr. Donathan Brown is the inaugural Assistant Provost and Assistant Vice President for Faculty Diversity and Recruitment at the Rochester Institute of Technology.  In addition, Dr. Brown is an Associate Professor in the School of Communication at RIT.  Brown, an expert in race and public policy and 2017 US Fulbright Professor, has worked with Adirondack non-profits, including, the Adirondack Council, the Adirondack Foundation, and the Adirondack Diversity Initiative, to create and implement a series of local and regional diversity and inclusion initiatives. 

His passion and interest in the Adirondacks alongside his experience and expertise are the driving factors behind his efforts. Since his initial visit to the Park as a graduate student at Syracuse University, Brown can be found hiking throughout the Adirondacks, especially the High Peaks.     

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