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"Diligently working on a multi-month, integrated diversity initiative, the Adirondack Council was very pleased in the level of dedication, analysis, and collaboration Dr. Brown displayed.


Dr. Brown was able to succinctly identify areas of focus and address these areas in a manner that acknowledged different voices and provide recommendations that encompassed our needs and values.


We are truly appreciative of the vital role he played in assisting us in making the Adirondacks a more diverse and inclusive community."

Adirondack Council

"As co-founder of the Adirondack Diversity Initiative (ADI), I have had the pleasure of working with Donathan Brown extensively.   His expertise, insight and professionalism is a real asset to organizations like mine, especially on diversity topics which can be complex and sensitive, but which are vital to the economies and social fabric of our North Country communities.  It was an easy and obvious choice to appoint Donathan to ADI’s Advisory Board.  He is a pleasure to work with (and an excellent guideboat companion as well)." 

Pete Nelson, ADI Co-Founder

"Donathan's skill and expertise has helped the Adirondack Diversity Initiative evolve from a loose network of organizations, businesses, and individuals to a more formal, strategic coalition that is better equipped to respond to community needs in our region."

Chris Morris, Adirondack Foundation

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